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Gerry McGinnis

Gerry McGinnis – Gerry is passionate about 2 things: hunting & making custom knives. Since 2004, Gerry has been perfecting his knives to the highest quality. His passion for hunting can be seen in the innovative designs he generates for use in the field.


The Mountain Project

The Mountain Project – Founded by Chase Christopher & Jay Park in 2014, striving to produce the best hunting content out there. TMP also reminds us that hunting is FUN and a normal activity. The adventures they share inspire and remind us the importance of connecting to the natural world.

Jen Shears

Jen Shears – Jen is a sustainable hunter that is glutton for punishment. When Jen is not out chasing game, her passions revolve around environmental biology and her young family. Follow Jen on her adventures as she searches for her next trophy.